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Black Cat

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•••  Supplies needed to complete this tutorial. •••
Programs: Paint Shop Pro, I'm using version 10. Animation Shop 3.
Plugin :
Font used:
ube of choice
, I'm using 3 different tubes  by Angelica S. from SATC.
                          The black cat is in the scrap kit. The two female tubes are

                          Rose : HERE  and Waiting : HERE
Scrap Kit :
"Black Cat" by Angelica S
by Angelica S and found in the scrap kit.
by me, download HERE

 Save your tag often. Nothing like working long and hard on a tag and PSP crashes.
 Open element 29, shift + d to duplicate. Close original.
Go to Image, canvas size and change to 650 x 650.

C/P element 53 as a new layer on your tag. Move to the left slightly.
C/P element 13 as a new layer and move this layer to the bottom, behind the green circle frame.
C/P element 16 as a new layer and re-size by 40%. Move to the lower right hand side.
This layer should be at the top.

Open paper 15. Shift + d to duplicate, close original. Re-size the paper by 65% and C/P as a new layer on your tag.
Move this layer down below your circle frame.
Select your magic wand tool with your feather set to zero and your tolerance set to 10.
Make sure your circle frame layer in active and then click in the center.
Go to selections, modify, expand by 10.
Go to selections, invert and activate your paper layer and hit delete on your keyboard.
Go to selections, select none.

C/P element 39 as a new layer and re-size by 58%. Move over the paper and below the circle frame, position it slightly to the right.
C/P element 10 as a new layer and position over frame layer and behind the top hat layer. Place it to the right side of your tag.
C/P element 47 as a new layer and re-size by 18%. Move to the left hand side.
Duplicate and free rotate by 90 degrees to the left. Move just slightly below the other flower.
C/P element 45 as a new layer and re-size by 18%. Move behind your flower.
Duplicate and free rotate by 90 degrees to the left. Move just slightly below the other flower.
C/P this element again, this time mirror and re-size by 20% and move to below the other flower.
C/P element 21 as a new layer and re-size by 24%. Move to the upper right hand side of your tag.
Add a few more elements to your tag.
I added the martini glass, two different colored ribbons and another flower.

Open element 07. Using your selection tool, set to rectangle and feather set to 0, select the last two square frames from quad frame.
Copy and paste as a new layer on your tag and re-size by 80%.
Choose two tubes of choice. Re-size them to your liking.
Using your selection tool, set to rectangle, make a selection around the inner frame but make it bigger than the inner frame and smaller than the outer edges of frame.
Paste your tube as a new layer and move below the frame.
Using your mover tool, place the portion of the tube you want to show thru the frame.
Go to Selections, Invert and hit delete on keyboard.
Repeat for the other side of the frame.
Add drop shadow to frame.
You can merge these together.

Make your canvas larger. First click on your crop tool and select "snap crop rectangle to" and double click on your tag.
Now go to Image, canvas size and enter: 780x780
Don't worry we will re-size later.

Open paper of choice. I used paper 04. Duplicate and close original.
Go to the photomasks folder which is included in your kit.
Select mask  "mask01PSP" Open in PSP.
Activate your paper. Go to Layers, New Mask Layer, from Image.
Select in the drop down list mask01PSP, click on Source luminance and check Invert mask data.
Merge group and copy.

Paste as a new layer on your tag. Move to bottom.
Position to the upper left hand side and duplicate. Mirror.
Merge these two layers.
Duplicate and flip.
Position these two layers to your liking and merge.

Add drop shadow to all your elements and frames.
I used:
V : -3
H : -5
BLUR : 8.70
I did lower the opacity on a couple of the elements, you can play around with your settings a pick something you like.

You can re-crop your tag now and re-size if you find it too large.
Add your copyright information.

Now to animate.

Go to Selections, select all.
Go to Edit and copy merged. Paste as a new animation in Animation Shop.
Hold your Ctrl key down and repeatedly hit letter L on your keyboard for a total of 12 frames.
You can watch the count on the lower right hand side of your screen in AS.
Open SimoneAni-Black Cat.
Go to Edit, select all.
Go to Edit, copy.

Activate your tag.
Go to Edit, select all.
Go to Edit, make sure Propagate Paste is selected.
Go to Edit, Paste, paste into selected frames.

Position over on the right side over the saxophone.
Click into place.

Go back to SimoneAni- Black. Go to Animation, mirror.
Go to Edit, copy.

Back on your tag, click to activate it.
Go to Edit, paste, paste into selected frames.
Position to the left side of your tag. Try to make sure it's on the same horizontal plane as the first animation.

You can make things easier for yourself and use the other full animation with drop shadow.
Your choice. I know some people like the drop shadow and others don't so the option is there.

Play and save.
Don't forget to add your name.
You can see my name tutorial HERE.

 Go to File, Save as, enter the name of your file and select the folder to save to.
Now click on Customize:
Number of colors: 255 Colors
Create palette by: OPTIMIZED OCTREE
Reduce colors by: Error Diffusion
set a check mark beside the second, third and forth choices. UN-check the 1st and last.
check Convert pixels less than 92
Yes, blend with this color: change to white #FFFFFF
Click OK. Click Next, next, next, next.
Play your animation.
At times your animation may or will come out terrible. Optimization in Animation Shop is not the greatest.
You can play around will your settings, especially under the Tab: Optimization. I change this setting at times from anywhere between 70 and 100.
Some people add a white background.  To add background, go to Animation: Animation Properties, select Opaque and change color to white.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial,
Hugs Simone
Please, always direct people to my blog to download my animations.
Do not load to any other download site and don't claim as your own.
Tutorial written by SophisticatSimone aka Lorraine Halle on Saturday, April 13,  2013.


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