Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Adding Shape to Particle Illusion

You may have notice I have some different shapes in my emitters library.
Here's how I do it :)

Create your element or shape in Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop.
Save as a png file in a folder you can easily find later.

Open animation shop and find an emitter from the library that you want to use.
Click on your work space.

On the left hand side, right click on your emitter and select Properties.

Now click on Particles > Change Shapes
Make sure you've selected the correct line. Some emitters have up to 6 or 8 lines of effects.

Then click on + in little box, this pop up a text that says "Add New Shape To Library"

Open the folder that has your saved shape/element.

Once you've selected it, you will get a new window that will ask you to choose either a grey scale element or a colored element.

Click ok and next click Make Active.

You will now see your element in the animation.

Now it's time for you to edit the emitter and change the colors, or the speed, or life etc.

Have fun! :)


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