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•••  Supplies needed to complete this tutorial. •••
Programs: Paint Shop Pro, I'm using version 10. Animation Shop 3.
Plugin : Eye Candy: Gradient Glow for name.
Font used: Gitchgitch
Tube of choice: I'm using "Sexy Gift" by The Hunter from S&Co.
Scrap Kit : I'm using "Xmas Mess" by Bibi's Collection from S&Co.
Animation: SimoneAni-LogFire available at CDO
Mask: 0183
Save your tag often. Nothing like working long and hard on a tag and PSP crashes.
Canvas size should be 698 x 655, transparent background.
Go to Selections, select all.
Open paper 3 and copy and paste INTO selection. De-select.
Open Mask of choice or the one I used, Mask0183, apply and merge group.
Duplicate layer. On top layer change blend mode to multiply and thhen go to Adjust, Noise, random noise of 6.
Merge layers.
Copy paste tube and re-size by 66%, 72 dpi, move to the right side of canvas.
Add drop shadow.

C/P element 30 as a new layer and position below tube layer and to the left side of tag. We will by animating

this layer so don't over crowd it. In layers palette, double click on fireplace and place checkmark next to

highlight. Chose a color and click ok.

C/P element 50 as a new layer and re-size by 56%. Position in front of tube between her legs. Add drop shadow.

Let's make the Christmas Tree. I had to re-size my canvas to get this tree done. Change to width of 888 for

time being.
C/P element 18 as a new layer and place behind your tube on HER right lower side (behind her back).
Duplicate this layer and mirror. Using your mover tool adjust this element to peek out from behind  HER left

side ( right side of tag).
C/P element 18 again as a new layer and place slightly above the first branch element on HER right side. You'll

need to tuck it in so it appears like the branch is shorter. Duplicate and mirror. Adjust.
C/P element 18 again, re-size by 75%. Do the third tier of tree, duplicate and mirror.
Now Duplicate this layer and free rotate by 90 degrees to the left. Make this your top branch of tree.
Add drop shadows to each layer.
Add element 17 as a new layer and re-size by 75%, position on lower left branch.
Duplicate and re-size by 46% and position on top right branch.
Merge all your tree layers, including the flowers.

C/P element 34 as a new layer and re-size by 46%. Position beside the tube. Add drop shadow.
C/P element 36 as a new layer and re-size by 80%. Position top of tag. Add drop shadow.
C/P element 53 as a new layer and re-size by 44%. Position bottom of tag in front of tube, near her knee. Add

drop shadow.
C/P element 35 as a new layer and re-size by 40%. Position on lower branch on the right side of tag.
Duplicate and mirror, position on middle branch on left side of tree. Add drop shadow to each layer.
Make sure they are behind your tube layer. You can merge these down to the tree.
Activate top layer.
C/P element 37 as a new layer and re-size by 36%. Position at bottom of tag. Add drop shadow.
C/P element 16 as a new layer and re-size. Position on mantel. Add drop shadow.
Add any other elements to your mantel if you like.

Hide your bottom layers = Mask and fireplace.
Click on any other layer to activate.
Merge all visible.
Unhide mask and fireplace and merge them together.

To animate, go to Selections, select all and copy the bottom layer that has the mask and fireplace.
Paste as New Animation in Animation Shop.
Hold your Ctrl key down and repeatedly hit letter L on your keyboard for a total of 15 frames.
You can watch the count on the lower right hand side of your screen in AS.
Open SimoneAni-LogFire.psd
Go to Edit, select all.
Go to Edit, copy.

Activate your tag.
Go to Edit, select all.
Go to Edit, make sure Propagate Paste is selected.
Go to Edit, Paste, paste into selected frames.

Position on your tag and click into place. I placed mine in the fireplace.

Go back to PSP now and highlight (activate) your tube layer and copy.
Paste as a NEW animation in AS.
Go to Edit, copy.

Activate your tag.
Go to Edit, Paste, paste into selected frames.

Play and save.
Don't forget to add your name.

To save:
Go to File, Save as, enter the name of your file and select the folder to save to.
Now click on Customize:
Number of colors: 255 Colors
Create palette by: OPTIMIZED OCTREE
Reduce colors by: Error Diffusion
set a check mark beside the second, third and forth choices. UN-check the 1st and last.
check Convert pixels less than 92
Yes, blend with this color: change to white #FFFFFF
Click OK. Click Next, next, next, next.
Play your animation.
At times your animation may or will come out terrible. Optimization in Animation Shop is not the greatest.
You can play around will your settings, especially under the Tab: Optimization. I change this setting at times

from anywhere between 70 and 100.
Some people add a white background.  To add background, go to Animation: Animation Properties, select

Opaque and change color to white.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial,
Hugs Simone
Please, always direct people to my blog to download my animations.
Do not load to any other download site and don't claim as your own.
Tutorial written by SophisticatSimone aka Lorraine Halle on Tuesday November 26, 2013.

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